Allegation of the photographs showing the elderly couple’s love story

CLAIM/ Photograph: The Russian photographer took the photographs of elder couple showing their long-lasting love story.


The news in the social media and websites like Bored PandaOnedio, Habertürk, Listelist showed the photograph taken by Russian photographer Irina Nedyalkova allegedly showing the love of the Carl and Ellie Fredricksen for years.

Aylak Karga: Can you look at those beautiful picture? Every wrinkle they have is reflection of  their memories. Their clothings and dressing styles are in such a harmony.

However, the claim that these photographs showing the love of the elder couple does not representing the truth. The people in the photographs are elder models and the photographs are taken for a professional photo shooting.

The people who is allegedly Carl and Ellie Fredricksen in the news websites are actually the models of “Oldushka” modelling agency.

The Russian photographer Irina Nedyalkova made a statement by her Instagram account after the news in Bored Panda’s website. She said that the love story is not true and the people in the photographs are models.

In the statement;

Hello, dear all!

I want to share with you the great news, I think that most of you have already noticed that buzz around our photo shooting with an elderly couple.

The photo shooting with Sergei and Valentina was made in the frames of @foto_festival training course and went all over the world. Many foreign media wrote about it, including famous Bored Panda site.

My mailbox is overflowing, around 10 thousand followers added me on instagram in 2 days ! People write different part of the world, in different languages, send links and clippings from publications. China, Pakistan, America, Turkey, I will not even list them further. They write trying to find out the real story. They write to thank for such a photo story. They Write and discuss clothes, makeup, make comments, fantasize the long love story of our couple.

Let me tell you how it actually was.

Our photo shooting is performance and improvisation of a love story on the set. Sergey and Valentina are incredibly beautiful models from the one-of-a-kind model agency @oldushkamodels.

Sergei is 45 years old, Valentine is 62, and they have never been familiar before.

There is no makeup on the characters, everything is actually exactly as you see.

The characters had been chosen in advance. Me with my group of photographers knew that they were not a real couple with a beautiful love story. We directed our photo shooting, as in a movie. However, we could not restrain ourselves from crying, we turned away, sobbed, wiped away tears and believed in our characters.

Believe or not? This is the question.

Tell me, why do we go to the cinemas?

First of all, we go there for emotions, we watch, feel and empathize. We trust actors and do not wonder whether they are real or not. Right?

It seems to me that our photo shooting was a success, once it caused sensation. What do you think?

P / s The photo shooting was by the Gulf of Finland in St. Petersburg. Seagulls are real 

The photograph of Valentine Yasen, 62 years old, can be seen in the Oldushka Modelling Agency’s Instagram account.

The man model is Sergey Arctica, 45 years old, and his Instagram account is here.

It can be seen that the photographs of Sergey’s and Valentine’s in the Foto Festival’s Instagram account. In addition, the names of the stylist, organizer and coordinator are given in this Instagram account.

In the news of the Vogue about the Oldushka modelling agency, the agency does not accept the models under 45 age old.

Translation: Gizem Dikmen