Does the photo show a vendor who was fined by the police from Turkey?

CLAIM: The photo showing vendors who are fined by the police is from Turkey.


It was claimed that a photo shared on social media in Turkey shows an elderly woman who was fined by the police for selling vegetable. Such comments were also made on the post, “The officer who fined the woman and the municipality must be found and punished.”

The photo was taken in Albania in 2016

When searching on the internet by the reverse visual search method, it is seen that the photo was first shared on March 11, 2016. In the news, it is reported that the municipal police in Tirana, the capital city of Albania, fined the saleswoman 500 lek (Albanian currency) for selling outside the area determined by the municipality. Following the spreading of the photograph on social media, Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj made a statement and said that the fine would be paid by the municipality. The receipt for the payment was also shared with the press.

In another news, it is also seen that the incident occurred on Myslym Shyri Street. With this information, it is also possible to reach the place of sale using Google Maps. From the details such as the green cable on the wall and the stone on the ground, it is understood that the place where the photo was taken was Tirana.

Also, the uniform of the officer shown in the photograph is not a uniform used by the police in Turkey. When municipal police is searched on the internet in Albanian as “Policia Bashkiake”, it is understood that the clothes belonging to the Albanian municipal police are the same as in the images. In the clothing used in Turkey, “police” is written behind the jackets.

An image of Albanian municipal police outfit

In conclusion, the claim that the photo shared on social media is from Turkey is not true. The post in question is an example of a false connection.


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Translation: Hilal Ebru Yakar