Does the photo show that the father who was about to die because of COVID-19 saw his son for the last time?

It was claimed that the person in the photo is a doctor, called Seyfi Al Cherkesi, and died while fighting against the new coronavirus in Munich is false. Also, it was said that the photo shows his seeing his son for the last time, which is false. The man in the photo is a doctor, called Jared Burks, and lives in Arkansas.

The photo was shared on social media, and Yeniçağ and some news websites.

When we search the photo by the reverse visual search method, we can see the real story of the photo. The first source of the post, which went viral in the United States of America, was shared on the Facebook account belonging to Alyssa Burks. 

We can understand from the tag in the photo that he is Jared Burks.  When we look at his profile, we also see that he is the same person as the one in the photo.

After the photo got viral, Alyssa Burks shared another post and told the story of the image. Burks stated that his husband Jared was a healthcare professional on the ABC7 channel and that he had been away from his home for two weeks because he was fighting against the pandemic, and that Jared saw his child’s crawling for the first time in that visit.

The report also includes other photos of Zeke and Jared taken at those moments.

However, the story of the Burks family does not end here. Alyssa Burks shared that the family’s house was destroyed in a storm on March 29 in Arkansas. Burks informed that Zeke and she were at her mother’s home, and Jared was at home during the storm, but everyone is healthy right now. There was even a support campaign on behalf of the family.

The person in the claim, Seyfi Al Cherkesi, cannot be found although searched on various search engines by different keywords.

In conclusion, the photo claimed to belong to Seyfi Al Cherkesi, shows that Jared Burks, who is a doctor in Arkansas, saw his son Zeke. The post in question can be an example of misleading content since they created a dramatic story for the photo. Also, it can be an example of a false connection since it showed another moment.


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Translation: Hilal Ebru Yakar