Famous photographer climbed to statue in Louvre?

CLAIM: Photographer Akeroğlu climbed on a statue in the Louvre Museum.


According to claims on news sites like HürriyetSol News Portal and Ekşi Sözlük, famous fashion photographer Cüneyt Akeroğlu had a photo of himself taken while climbing on a statue in the Louvre Museum in France.

The news sites reported that Akeroğlu posted the photo on Instagram and deleted it upon criticism.


Akeroğlu has shared an statement on his Instagram:

This is a photo I took to test the light for my next upcoming project, in which a model will appear instead of myself obviously! This is a private property, not a museum! I have the autorisation of the owner of the sculpture, no need for hate comments! I study fine art and I respect and love all form of art.

louvre-muze-heykelThe sister of famous photographer Esra Akeroğlu also said to teyit.org that the photo was taken in one his friend’s house and this kind of thing cannot happen in the Louvre Museum.

The statue he took the photograph is a replica of “Pan and Daphnis”. The original statue is in Naples Archelogical Museum, while there is no replica of it in the Louvre Museum.