R.I.P. Turkish mainstream media

Despite the fact that the world is experiencing dazzling events, research shows that the
number of people avoiding news is increasing worldwide.

Also, throughout the world, trust in media remains worryingly low.

These two trends are felt deeper in Turkey comparing to many other countries. In the fourth episode of our #teyitpedia mini-doc series, we take an in-depth look the credibility crisis facing Turkish mainstream news media.

• Produced by: Şükrü Oktay Kılıç
• Video Editor: Cenk Arman
• Visuals Editor: Denizhan Kaymak
• Editors: Mehmet Atakan Foça, Gülin Çavuş, Erhan Kuğu, Mertcan Yılmaz
• Project Assistant: Selin Yıldız
• Engagement Editor: Burak Avşar

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