The video shows a cat seeing his late owner’s photo on the phone

Claim/ Video: The cat which sees its late owner’s photo on a mobile phone.


With a video posted on social media and several news sites such as Cumhuriyet, Hürriyet, Mynet, Yurt, CNN Türk, Oda TV, Yeni Şafak, it was claimed that a cat saw his late owner’s photo on a mobile phone and tried to make the screen pet itself. Besides, the video was broadcasted on Show TV Prime News.

However, the claim which states that the cat’s owner passed away and the cat saw his late owner is not true. The video was uploaded on YouTube in 2016 for a competition. The cat whose owner is alive sees a video that shows a cat and a turtle on a mobile phone’s screen.

The owner of the cat in the video is alive

Sevilay Deryal, the owner of the video which has gone viral on social media, made an explanation to and in it she stated that she uploaded the video on YouTube in 2016. The video, which was uploaded on 8 April 2016, can be watched here in HD format;

It is also possible to see that on 22 April 2016 Mia the cat’s video was used in a TV programme called Beyaz Show, which is broadcasted on Kanal D, in a humorous way titled as “the reaction of the animals to Selami Şahin’s songs”. (Selami Şahin is a well-known Turkish singer in Turkey.)

“They abuse people’s emotions”

Sevilay Deryal stated that this video abused people’s emotions;

They have created a well-made plot but it is fake. What they do is called abusing other people’s emotions. What’s more, when someone learnt that I was not dead, that person texted me saying her son had been crying all day and asked me to send her a picture of the cat so that her son could stop crying because her son had been telling his mother to adopt the cat for its owner had passed away. These people who create fake news should not abuse other people’s emotions over this kind of videos or images because, in this cat video situation children, adults and elderly people felt very sorry when they heard this fake news. Me and my daughter like animals so much but something which was not true was posted on the internet, plus the claim which uses the word “late owner” made me really annoyed. Let alone the others, even the people who know me commented on the video wondering if I was dead or not.

The video gained ground worldwide

The video, which was shared on websites such as 9gag, also was shared by a lot of people individually. On 17 January 2018, the video which was posted on YouTube with a title that says “the cat watching his late owner” have been viewed over 220.000 times.

Mia the Cat’s other photos and videos

Mia which suffers from epilepsy was found in a schoolyard by Deryal’s daughter and they adopted the cat. Here you can see some of the cat’s other pictures and videos;

Here is a video that shows Mia watching cat videos on the same sofa.