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Do photos show the pink lake in Turkey?

The claim that the pink lake in photos is the lake in Alexandria Troas Antique City in Dalyan village in the district of Ezine in Çanakkale, Turkey is false. However, the pink lake in photos is Lake Hillier in Australia. The lake in Çanakkale is Dalyan pond, which is known as its heart shape and gets pink a few days a year.

Claims about Emrullah Gülüşken who was brought from Sweden

Last week, news titled "Ambulance aircraft requested for Gülüşken, who did not get treatment despite that he tested positive for the Covid-19 in Sweden," was reported by Anadolu Agency. According to the report, in the city of Malmö, Sweden, 47-year-old Emrullah Gülüşken was sent home after the Covid-19 test was positive, and his daughters, Samira and Leyla made calls from social media since they concerned about his health, and the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca responded to their calls. Following the decision to bring Emrullah Gülüşken by an ambulance aircraft to Turkey, Emrullah Gülüşken, his children Samira, Emir Ali and Mahmut were brought to Turkey on 26 April. After this, many claims were posted on social media. So, what kind of a way is followed in the treatment of those who catch Covid-19 in Sweden? How accurate are the claims? What could this decision mean for dual citizens living in the country or immigrants with a residence permit?

Does the video show tomato which has strawberry inside?

The claim that tomato which was bought from the A101 market appears to have a strawberry growing inside is false. According to experts, a strawberry cannot grow inside tomato because they have different pollination processes. The part which looks like strawberry is, in fact, no fully grown seeds.

Does the video show that those who go to malls are welcomed with the meme music of Coffin Dance?

The claim that people who go to malls are welcomed with the meme music which is known for the Coffin Dance team is false. In the original video, a saxophone player welcomes the people in the mall with different music. Astronomia 2K19, which belongs to Stephan F and is known for the Coffin Dance team, was added to the video later. The video was recorded in a mall in Santa Catarina state in Brazil, not in Turkey.

Did Nobel-winning Professor Tasuku Honjo say that the new coronavirus was made in a laboratory?

The claim that Professor Tasuku Honjo, who got the Nobel award in 2018, said that the new coronavirus was produced in a laboratory in Wuhan is false. There is not such a statement given by Professor Tasuku Honjo and it is obvious in his current CV that he has never worked in Wuhan. Also, Professor Honjo stated on the official website of the university where he works that these claims are not correct.

Did the IMF set conditions such as vaccination and chips on African countries in return for debt relief?

It was claimed that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) set conditions such as vaccinating children, implanting microchips into two people in every house, and bonding electrical connection on African countries that it gives debt due to COVID-19. But it is false. There are none of these conditions in the statement given by the IMF about the countries receiving relief debt for COVID-19. Not all countries to receive debt relief are African countries.